In  the underground program presented in a wide spectrum, it is aimed that the students conceive and solve economic problems also motivating them to work both in public and private sectors as executors and researchers as distinguished economists.  Along with theoretical education, the Department also aims at training students who are keen on world problems to question and sythesize them consciencously.  Apart from these, the Department will also contribute as an academic institution to the needs of the business world and the developmental efforts.
An education in economics will provide students a wide viewpoint in details of economy, about the decision making process. Within the framework of the curriculum, the graduates of this Department can find employment in all public and private sectors. It is possible for the graduates to take up offices as experts, assistant experts, district governors, inspectors, controllers and supervisors and administrative jurisdiction judges within several Ministries (on condition that they pass the KPSS [Public Personel Selection Examination]). Those who prefer to serve in the private sector may take up other offices as  certified public accountants, and work in banks, tourism offices, consulting firms, auditing firms, insurance companies, foreign trade companies and transportation companies. The graduates can also be employed with favorable personal rights in high positions such as Central Bank, the Treasury, the Undersecretariat of Foreign Trade, the State Planning Organization, the Capital Markets Board and the Chambers of Commerce and Industry.