Management, is a field of study, covering necessary facts in order to administer effectively those organizations playing basic role in a country’s economic system, taking into consideration the global environmental conditions.
 Within this context, the study of Management, takes covers those processes relating to the correct decision-making process in order to use resources effectively and productively. It also deals with those processes in line with strategic management, marketing, financing, accounting, human resources and modern management techniques.
 The department aims at training leading executives by providing candidates organizational, managerial and evaluation skills. It also enables them to ajdjust themselves easily to the changing conditions of today and tomorrow, sticking closely to ethical standards being creative and able to solve problems.
The basic education philosophy of the Management Department, is to convey to our students the quality knowledge emphasizing a global viewpoint compatible with the requirements of the changeable managerial understanding in a modern and developed education and teaching environment.  The Department of Management has an important and critical  role in a fast developing business world.
Workplaces our graduates will prefer to work
The education of Management allows young students to acquire a wide view in relation to the running of organizations, the details of their functions and the decision-making process. Within this framework, the graduates of the Department, as a feature of the curriculum they have received, have the potential of finding employment in all public and private sector offices. It is possible for our graduates to take up offices as experts, assistant experts, district governors, inspectors, controllers, supervisors andadministrative jurisdiction judges within several Ministries (on condition that they pass the KPSS [Public Personel Selection Examination]). However those who prefer to serve in the private sector may take up other offices as well as certified public accountants, and may work in banks, tourism offices, banks, consulting firms, auditing firms, insurance companies, foreign trade companies, transportat companies. The graduates of the may also be employed in high positions with favorable personal rights in such positions as Central Bank, the Treasury, the Undersecretariat of Foreign Trade, the State Planning Organization, the Capital Markets Board and the Chambers of Commerce and Industry.