The Public Administration Department performs in the functional sense the process of the determination and functioning of public policies, and in the structural sense the organizational form of the state. The public administration department aims at the students’ grasp of the political, social and economic developments realized at local and global level and train them in modern and necessary knowledge and understanding, equipped with necessary background to take up duties in public/private sector on these lines. The public administration department provides those students who want to take office as district governors, inspectors, managers and experts, academic background in those fields such as management, those fields suchas management, politics, law, urbanization and environmenntal sciences. The department also equip with necessary background those undergraduates who will take up offices in the public and private sector such as in local administrations, in administrative juristical bodies, in political fields and in banks. They are supplied with public administration formation in order they perform manyfold thinking and decision-taking procession.
Within the framework of the Department of Public Administration are such divisions as Administrative Sciences, Political and Social Sciences, Urbanization and Environmental Problems and Juristic Science.


Assoc.Prof.Dr. Hasan Hüseyin Çalı
The Head of the Public Administration Department